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Acknowledging Who You Are

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Being You is about Identifying with You. Knowing You. Having Faith, Trust and Belief in You. Feeling Confident and Worthy. You are to get to know You. Challenge You and Become You. The You that You may Become may be that of your Parents or a Relative which comes with Attitude, Disposition and Traits not that of someone you've Meant or may have Grown Up with. Their Attitude, Disposition and Traits more than likely may have come from their Parents or a Relative of theirs.

Know and Understand that You will want to Identify with You the You You are and that is Discovering. If the You is trying so Hard to Identify with Whomever than where are You and Who are You. Do You Know or are You willing to Give Up on Discovering You and Replacing You by Being Controlled by Whom and Who. So take a Real Good Long Look at Yourself in the Mirror and ask yourself is knowing You More Important or would it be better to be Whomever without Power and Control of You.

You have to Acknowledge and Except the You with the Flaws and Imperfections. The You You know to be not a You that Others Prefer or would Like for You to be. It's up to You in Believing in You. Acknowledging that You Exist. That You Are Here. That You Are Confident and Worthy. The only other that knows You Better Than You Is Our Heavenly Father.

No other Human Being knows you as good as Our Heavenly Father never think or believe they do. You just believe in You. Life Is Like an Obstacle Course. You'll either RISE, SUCCEED, FALL OR FAIL. You have FREE WILL And FREE CHOICES. It's All In Your Hands what Path and Direction The You In You Chooses to Take.

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