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Starts from Birth. Prior to being Conceived it is very Important to know your Parents generational Medical History along with their Upbringing Background due to anything in their History being possibly carried over into their child/children. that way early knowledge can be Ruled or Ruled Out. Why wait when that is what needs to be established prior to Conception. In the near future if Issues, Matters or Situations should arise you have knowledge and awareness as to why.

As you are growing and developing you began to Notice, Adapt and Adjust as you began your Journey of Becoming. To Knowing, Learning and hopefully Identifying with You. As the days and years goes by You began to start to Notice and Realize who You may be developing into and whom You may be more like whether it's like your Parents or possibly a Relative or You just may develop a personality of your own.

In any case it's really and truly all about discovering You as You grow to Identifying, Discovering and Understanding the You in You. Such as likes, dislikes and whom You look to becoming as You go through the Challenges, Obstacles and Trials and Tribulations in Life that will help Lead and Guide You down the path of Discovering and Defining the You of You while also discovering if you are Living Life or is Life Living you that which becomes a Journey to discover. In the process of it all just know and realize that You Are Here. You Exist. You are Of Value and You Are Worthy.

Never Not Ever Believe In One's Self and most importantly Acknowledge and Except the Things You Can Not Change and always realize the Courage you do have to Change the Things you can change while Discovering the You in You.

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I Would Describe myself as an individual that Loves and Cares about everyone. I do not necessarily need to know everyone or have to have a Personal Relationship with everyone to feel this way. We are all Human Beings existing in a World doing our best to survive as we go through the Challenges, Obstacles Trials, and Tribulations in Life.


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