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Are You Living Life Or Is Life Living You

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

This I Shall Explain For Your Understanding

The Difference Is For Your Understanding

Of Them.


Is when you have Total Control Over Your Life as far as how you yourself

chooses to make Decisions and Choices as well as how you yourself would

go about Dealing with any and all Issues, Matters, Concerns and Situations

that may come your way along with how you would Handle what you may be Going

Through in your Life. You would not Want neither would you Allow anyone to

Dictate or Try to Control or Take Over your Life because you yourself would not

Allow yourself to being Easily Lead or Easily Give Up or Give In when things may

be Spiraling Out Of Control. You will Face and Deal with the Obstacles and Challenges

that may come your way or upon you. You prefer to Lead not Follow. You'll Be Quiet,

Listen and Stay Out Of Your Own Way when being Encouraged by Positive and Productive

Encouragement and Advice. If you yourself do not Stand in your Own Strength, Guidance,

Confidence, Determination, Worthiness and Persistence you just may Fall For Anything and

Stand For Nothing by looking only to Escape The Realities of The Trials and Tribulations of

Life. It's Your Choice. Your Decision. Your Life


Too Easily Lead and to being Manipulated. A Follower whom put so much into Valuing

the Opinions of Others over Your Own. You Allow others to take Too Much Control Over

Your Life's Choices and Decisions. You feel and believe that you are not Equipped to Deal

with or Face the Challenges that may come upon you. You have no Real Faith, Trust and Belief

in Self by Giving Up or Giving In without Really and Truly trying to Deal with or Face the Issues,

Matters, Concerns and Situations. You Deny yourself by way of Confidence and Worthiness due

to Believing everything you are Told by whomever. There are always Excuses instead of Believing

in your Own Self enough possibly because of you being made to feel that you are Less Than and

Unable to do anything that is Significant or Productive so you made the choice in Feeling and

Believing that your Paths and Directions need to be Guided by Others Other Than yourself. It's

Time to Wake Up and Stop Allowing Others to Deprive you of a Life that is yours to Guide, Nurture

Discover and Identify With.

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