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Updated: Oct 27, 2022

The "MIRROR OF YOU" is like a Photographer taking Pictures of what they see. In developing it they just see the Images until they are Fully Developed and come to Life.

The Process of it all it's all about taking the kind of Shoot that the Photographer Visualizes and Imagines based on what was seen as well as what was discovered through the Eyes of the Photographer.

An Image that becomes a Reality. So imagine what you'll See and come to Discover when the You In You becomes a Reality as you come into Better Understanding and Discover the True You Of You.

Just know that The Mirrors Of You Are Your COMPANIONS which Shows You Your True Self which is a REALITY Of Discovering and The Path To Better Understanding YOU.

Doesn't it come at a time in all our lives when we just want to be in a better place and better position when it comes to surviving in a world of Let Downs, Disappointments, and Deceit? It all starts after birth. How we are Raised, Taught, and Nurtured by our Parents or guardian/guardians will either have a Positive or Negative Impact on whom we may or may not become. Throughout that journey, we hope to not be Mislead or Misinformed about anything that may be of significant importance as we are growing and going through the Stages of Life. We all have the right to be Taught and Guided as to Discovering who we are as Human Beings. Wouldn't it be fair that we all come to know the You in ourselves and not the You of someone else that we may not identify with. It's our right to know who we are to be better equipped to deal with the Challenges and Obstacles that may come our way. By way of coming into Knowledge, Understanding, Investing and Focusing on Discovering the You in You. The time is now.

The Goal to all of this is not about your Status and Position in Life Today it's about knowing whether you can Really and Truly say that You Yourself has Totally and Truly Discovered the You In You or Of You while asking yourself throughout your Journeys and Paths you've taken whether you came to discovering if you were LIVING LIFE Or Was LIFE LIVING YOU. To know that you yourself would need to understand the Difference between them would be for you to think about the Choices and Decisions you may have made in Life.. You'll be surprised what you'll discover when you've taken the time to think about it. Once you have you may come to realize whether you were either Living Life or it was Living You. Think about it as you discover which Applies (Which I Will Further Explain In An Upcoming Blog: The Difference Of LIVING LIFE Or IS IT LIVING YOU). In doing that it just may help you with the Choices and Decisions regarding the You in You or Of You.

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