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Updated: Oct 27, 2022

The Good. The Bad. The Disappointments. The Struggles. The Goings and Comings. The Let Downs. The Deceits. The Conflicts and most Importantly The Accepting Of The Things You Can Not Change.

It all starts with truly believing in One's Self as to identifying with whom You are by having enough Faith, Trust and Belief in yourself that You can and will Face, Deal With and Overcome any Challenges that may come your way instead of Giving Up and Giving In due to believing that the Challenge may not be worth it due to the Fear of not Believing that the You In You Can. You have to look to You. You is who you'll learn from due to what You may have Experienced throughout Life. No one can really and truly say that they know You.

Only You really and truly know You and what You are actually capable of besides Our Heavenly Father. It's all actually up to You to have the Willingness to Overcome the Obstacles and Challenges in life that You may become Faced with. So what will the You in You do. Will You Run and Hide or will You Face It or just Give Up on who You know the You to be. It's your choice and yours alone.

Let The Song By Wynonna Judd (I WILL BE) be your Song Of Encouragement, Determination and Strength.

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I Would Describe myself as an individual that Loves and Cares about everyone. I do not necessarily need to know everyone or have to have a Personal Relationship with everyone to feel this way. We are all Human Beings existing in a World doing our best to survive as we go through the Challenges, Obstacles Trials, and Tribulations in Life.


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